Sunday, September 19, 2010

Put On A Happy Face.

Hey what's up? As you probably seen on The Hills, Heidi and her mother Darlene Montag kind of stopped talking. But since it's a show, we wondred if it's for real or if it's for good TV and if they in real life do talk to each other. Now Darlene writes on her blog that it's for real, they do not talk to each other..

"Heidi hasn't spoken to me in six months most likely because in her mind I betrayed and hurt her and likely because she's assuming the worst of me. I handled her situation poorly and regretfully. Knowing in my heart I said what I thought might have the best chance of getting through to her, to MAKE her know that her precious, authentic self was the most beautiful of all God's creations, doesn't help my endless, sleepless nights or my ruminating thoughts of how I should have done things differently."

Darlene also admits that it was the worst TV memory out of all when she saw her "new" doughter.

"God knows my motives were from the heart and out of desperation to save her from what I felt was a destructive, dangerous path being influenced by people who were profiting and benefitting from her. I have no way of contacting her. And yes, admittedly I do hope she reads this and knows how deeply and achingly I love and miss her and she'll call me."

Poor Darlene! And poor Holly and Sky! It's so sad and we sure hope Heidi will get together and do something about this mess!

You can read Darlene's blog here. Read it, it's really worth it. So beautiful.

Take care

Jessika and Alessandra <3

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