Wednesday, August 17, 2011


What's up guys? We're starting a new film project! We are going to do a movie version of Lauren Conrad's LA Candy

Right now we're casting and writing a script. We're very excited and we can't wait to get the shooting started! But we'll probably wait until next summer for the filming. 

We'll keep you updated!

Have a good one!


Hi guys!

Long time no see! As you may know, there's a lot of rumors going on about a possible The Hills Movie. In that case, Adam DiVello will be the director. Adam DiVello is also the creator of The Hills.

Audrina talk about the rumor on a show,

“Adam DiVello did talk about wanting to do a Hills movie, but we were kind of all just so fed up with each other that we all needed a little break,” berättar Miss Patridge på Ryan Seacrest Show.  We’ve all had our break, so maybe we’ll all come back together and do a movie. You never know.”

When Whitney heard about the idea, she liked it "Yeah, I think so! Why not?"

If there's going to be a movie, we're not that sure Lauren or Heidi will agree to be a part of it.

Lots of love!