Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home sweet home

Yesterday we arrived at Arlanda airport in Sweden. Our trip to Spain, Marbella has been amazing!! I miss Marbella so much, and we miss each other too (Jessika and I). We've lived together for 3 weeks now and you really start feeling like a family. But we will see each other on Monday again though :) It's always nice to bee home, but Sweden is super cold and quiet at this time of the year so I rather bee in Spain! 

To our movie; We shoot The Hills season 2 there, but ... we didn't finish. We had to little time and to much drama. Hopefully we can finish it home. Or we have to! We can't give up. This season will be a lot better than the first one I think. The script and story anyway;) 

Take Care!
Alessandra & Jessika

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kholabears in Africa?

Just another picture of os in Puerto Banous!

Our pumpkin! :)

It's a vampire;)

It's so hot,... the weather or?...

Hi readers! Here are some pics from a day at the beach. Btw we have made a logo to Sensation Production! :D Will soon post it <3 Hope you're doin' well!

Hasta luego!
Alessandra & Jessika