Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween In Hollywood!

Audrina hosted and arranged a Halloween Party at The Bank Nightclub. She looked really nice and so did her boyfriend, good job Audrina!

Take care!

Jessika & Alessandra <3

Have To Have.

Hola amigos!

It seems to be pretty common to have a boyfriend/girlfriend right now, at least for the girls in The Hills.
They are so cute and the couples seems happy!

Kyle and Lauren.

Whitney and Ben.

Lo and Scott.

Corey and Audrina.

Take care!
Jessika and Alessandra <3

Photoshoot: Sneekpeek.

Hi guys! Here comes a sneekpeek of our photoshoot on the roof we did today. More come soon. Enjoy!

From the left, Alessandra, Jessika.

Take care!

Jessika & Alessandra <3

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

The city... Marbella

Hola! We've now startet to shoot our first secens and we're doing good:) We faced some problems though so thats why we now have a special guest star on the show! Can't tell you who it is.;) The weather is great, 30 degreeas (in the sun) and we bath everyday! There are many cool places where we plan to shoot here in Marbella. We can  say that the story is defenatly more dramatic this time. Pics will come later! :D

Take care! <3
Alessandra & Jessika

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The time of our lives

HI! We made it the whole way to Marbella,Spain! :D It's so nice weather here about 25 degrees everyday. We just started the new production and it will bw so much fun! How are you doin? :)

Take care!
Alessandra & Jessika <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm leaving tomprrow!!:D

Iiippp!! I'm leaving sweden tomorrow and heading to marbella. Jessika will come later this week. For those of you who don't know what we will do there, I'll tell you again:) We're going to shoot The Hills season 2! It'll be so fun! We'll tyr to update the blog but we will probably just write about the filming. But follow our journey!!:) 

Take care!

Whitney & Ben

Hi guys!
Now is Whitney Port and her boyfriend Ben Nemtin in Hawaii. Don't they look so sweet together?!:D <3 
Btw we love Whitney's bikinis!! Though it feels like they don't get any privacy there!



Lots of love
Alessandra & Jessika

Friday, October 15, 2010

We're leaving soon!!

It's soon time to head to Marbella again and film The Hills season 2!! Can't wait! We're going to work at a school there though so we can't film all the time. We've worked there before at we really want to see everyone again! They are so nice:) Alessandra will leave on Tuesday and Jessika next Sunday. Does anyone have any tips how to act/talk like Audrina by the bay? ?Alessandra don't know how to play her, would be grateful for an answer!

Lauren Teen Vogue Photoshoot

 We really LOVE this photoshoot!! :D She's so pretty!<3 Love her

Take care! Alessandra & Jessika

Lauren Conrad book signing in UC Berkele

Klicka för att stänga bilden

Lauren book signing in LA!

 Klicka för att stänga bilden

Lauren book signing in Arizona

Lauren Book singing in Ravishing I Ridgewood. Nj

Klicka för att stänga bilden

Lauren Book singing in New York

 Lauren Conrad appeared at the Barnes & Noble on 86th and Lexington in New York City on Tuesday (October 5). Here she signed copies of her two new books, Sugar and Spice and the Lauren Conrad Style . She looked really pretty or what do you think? <3

Klicka för att stänga bilden

Stephanie 2010!

Hey guys! Sorry for the bad update. I'll take care of it right away! Anyways everywhere I look I find a lot about Stephanie Pratt. And I really start to like her!:) She is really pretty and especially this year. Before I didn't hear so much about her nut now I love her style! Here are some pics from this year:

Hollywood Hount

Beauty and the beast sing along

Klicka för att stänga bilden

She's helping to serve food, so nice!

Lots of love
Jessika & Alessandra<3